Redbud Farm, LLC, provides professional consulting, design and grow services to businesses, municipalities and individuals interested in cultivating sustainable and organic growing systems for vegetables, flowers, fruits and landscape plants for food and utility.

Organic Certification: With over 20 years experience in USDA-certified organic production systems, we can develop an organic system plan (OSP) that fits your needs and adheres to the USDA National Organic Program standards. We also can carry your operation through the entire USDA organic certification process, including paperwork production and assistance with site inspections.

Garden Design: Pollinator gardens, insectaries for insect predators, monarch waystations, highly productive, diversified raised-bed systems and food gardens, greenhouse, high tunnel and indoor growing systems for sprouts and microgreens; permaculture and ecological landscaping systems

Irrigation Systems: We design and build highly efficient micro irrigation systems, including drip and mini- sprinklers in greenhouse and field to conserve water resources. We also design and build rainwater catchments systems to access free water resources.

Pest Management: We specialize in ecologically-based pest management and IPM (integrated pest management) to produce clean food and reduce chemicals in the environment. Out tactics include physical barriers, trap crops, minimal use of naturally derived insecticides, biological control — the release of parasitic wasps and predators like lady beetles that control insect pests. To enhance local beneficial insect populations and the ecosystem services they provide, we establish pollinator gardens containing a variety of flowering perennials and annuals that attract and sustain swarms of beneficial insects. After several years of experimenting, we have selected specific cultivars for their adaptability to varied soil conditions and tolerance to drought; many of the varieties are natives that have consistently performed very well, even in dry summers. We select cultivars with successive blooming periods, ensuring a fertile environment that supports beneficial insects early spring through frost.

Marketing:  We specialize in developing a variety of direct marketing systems, including community supported agriculture (CSA) schemes, farm markets and retail sales to restaurants and cooperatives, as well as aggregating produce for distribution. The rapid growth of farmers market around the country is clear indication the benefits associated with being able to walk, bike or drive a few miles to your neighborhood farmers market to buy fresh local products; catch-up with friends and talk to folks responsible for growing, baking or cooking the products you consume. These associations help to foster a link between farmers and the community, which is crucial to ensuring the viability of local farm economy.

Sustainable Energy: We can fully integrate renewable energy technologies into your system to reduce carbon footprint and enhance reliability in case of grid outages. Our services include solar photo voltaic, solar thermal heating and wind for electricity, electric fencing, greenhouse root zone heating, domestic hot water heating and interior heating.